Broken But Building Back

My words are starting to return a little bit. It's been months. Goodness only knows how long it'll take for them to be back to any kind of "normal" (for me) level. I think I wrote the quoted bit below about being wordless around a week ago. ____________________________ It's funny how wonky time goes. Buried, … Continue reading Broken But Building Back


Ending 2018

I search for words, they elude me. Mockingly they sit just beyond my reach. The faster I seek, the faster they disappear. Blink. Blank.   But I know who I am. I know what I value. I know what I believe.   Harm is harm, no matter the intentions. Full consent requires honesty. On all … Continue reading Ending 2018

“Needing Structure” — What Does That Mean?

Re: Autistic people (especially children) and structure -- Based on my own experiences and those of other Autistic people with whom I've conversed about this issue, it's not usually structure or schedules, per se (on their own), that help us the most. Yet predictability can be an important support for us, especially when we're children. … Continue reading “Needing Structure” — What Does That Mean?