Dental Emergency

CW: dentist visit, tooth issues - nothing described in detail. I have a thing about teeth. One of my biggest fears has always been my teeth falling out. Unfortunately for me, I have really terrible teeth along with awful sensory issues surrounding toothbrushing. We also haven't had any money or insurance coverage to see dentists … Continue reading Dental Emergency



I'll do it tomorrow, I always think. There's plenty of time.¬† But tomorrow never comes and the time slips away. Suddenly it's been two weeks and I've nothing tangible to show for it. Nothing visible, nothing that seems important. But I have done things. I finished reading No You Don't: Essays from an Unstrange Mind, … Continue reading Tomorrow

Autism Parent Meeting – Tragedy, Mourning, and Divorce

I'm finally pulling my thoughts together a bit more regarding the Autism Parent Meeting I attended a while back. CW: Ableism, autism parents (usually non-Autistic parents of Autistic children who tend towards wanting to "fix" their children), tragedy rhetoric, temporary abandonment, and verbal abuse. The narrative, over all, was one of tragedy and upset. Many … Continue reading Autism Parent Meeting – Tragedy, Mourning, and Divorce