Talking to Strangers

It's almost always easier for me to talk to strangers than to people I know well unless the person I know well is also Autistic. It's an act of self-care for me to socialize (or not) in ways that are comfortable to me whenever possible. Talking to strangers instead of people I know well can … Continue reading Talking to Strangers


Gender and Pronouns

I'm non-binary agender. Sometimes I joke (in a not really joking way) that my gender is "Autistic" and that feels about right. Part of my mind is still good with "female" or "demi-girl" because they're somewhat familiar. I don't feel upset by she/her pronouns either -- familiarity goes a long way for me. The only … Continue reading Gender and Pronouns

Flashback Friday – Depression

TW: depression, eating disorder, self-harm, sexual assault (very brief mention), and suicidal thoughts/actions. CW: Higher education, therapy. My first official psychological diagnosis was Major Depression nearly 15 years ago. I was in college and, although I'd been extremely excited about attending college at first, my experience had rapidly gone downhill ever since I'd first arrived … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Depression