Perfection is an Illusion

I'm not perfect. I never claimed to be. But for some reason when I fall short of perfection my brain tells me that I've failed at something that should have been possible. The reality is that nobody's perfect. Expecting it of ourselves or even thinking that other people might be it... can be highly damaging. … Continue reading Perfection is an Illusion


Talking to Strangers

It's almost always easier for me to talk to strangers than to people I know well unless the person I know well is also Autistic. It's an act of self-care for me to socialize (or not) in ways that are comfortable to me whenever possible. Talking to strangers instead of people I know well can … Continue reading Talking to Strangers

Flashback Friday – Depression

TW: depression, eating disorder, self-harm, sexual assault (very brief mention), and suicidal thoughts/actions. CW: Higher education, therapy. My first official psychological diagnosis was Major Depression nearly 15 years ago. I was in college and, although I'd been extremely excited about attending college at first, my experience had rapidly gone downhill ever since I'd first arrived … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Depression