Some #ActuallyAutistic Advice for #ElmoMum

An #ElmoMum elaboration in three short parts. Part the first: Background Part the second: Context Part the third: Advice (with swearing) [You are here.] 3 - Advice (with swearing) Disclaimer: This is general advice and is far from a complete list. Most of it comes down to treating your child like a fully functioning Autistic … Continue reading Some #ActuallyAutistic Advice for #ElmoMum


Gender and Pronouns

I'm non-binary agender. Sometimes I joke (in a not really joking way) that my gender is "Autistic" and that feels about right. Part of my mind is still good with "female" or "demi-girl" because they're somewhat familiar. I don't feel upset by she/her pronouns either -- familiarity goes a long way for me. The only … Continue reading Gender and Pronouns

Gentle Parenting isn’t Just for Neurotypical Children

This post is one that's been on my mind for a while now and it got long. I tweeted a short thread about this issue the other day, but I'd like to elaborate about it here also, especially since it's April and articles about "dealing with" Autistic children are being shared with renewed ferver/intensity. Gentle … Continue reading Gentle Parenting isn’t Just for Neurotypical Children