Requesting Support – Doctor Edition

A while ago I posted my letter to my dentist, which was my first attempt at letting a medical provider know that I'm Autistic and that I do, in fact, need specific accommodations and support during appointments. It has helped at the dentist, I think. The staff seem to take more time with me (allowing … Continue reading Requesting Support – Doctor Edition


Reblog – I’m conducting a study, care to participate?

A research survey opportunity for anyone who’s interested! You do not need to be Autistic to participate 🙂

Little Miss Aspie

I am conducting a student project entitled “Investigating emotion regulation in adults with and without  Autism Spectrum Conditions”. Do you have a spare 15 minutes to help us with our research? If so please click here:

If you don’t mind could you share it with those you know? You don’t have to have ASD to participate.

Thank you, and have a great day guys,

Sasha x

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Vital Inconsistencies – Autistic Parenting

I have found that there's this idea in modern parenting that leads to a great deal of what I'd call "unnecessary consistencies." The idea is basically that if children do something childish or inappropriate then they'll forever be doing it. Or, conversely, that if they aren't doing something that will eventually become necessary for them … Continue reading Vital Inconsistencies – Autistic Parenting