Becoming Me – Part 2

Part One CW: Suicidal thoughts (nothing specific), depression For sixteen years, my inner Sarcophagus (see part one) held for the most part. There were emotional leakages here and there, of course, but nothing too serious. Nothing that brought me even close to my near-disaster in college. Then this year happened. In March I made a … Continue reading Becoming Me – Part 2


Becoming Me – Part 1

CW: Self-medication, suicidal thoughts (nothing specific about either), depression Where to even start? I've written an entire novelized version of everything, but, oh my goodness, this year deserves a summary and a post. This year, I've become a real human. I'm no longer a wannabe emotionless robot. I'm human with all the joys, sorrows, successes, … Continue reading Becoming Me – Part 1