Autistic Body Language and Emotion

I've written some about this topic before, regarding the joy I feel when I see other Autistic people moving in Autistic ways, but today I want to write about how my own movement affects and reflects my emotions. I get a little sweary at the very end when talking about getting rid of the allistic … Continue reading Autistic Body Language and Emotion


Preformed Performing

Reflections on my life and activism after re-reading "Clinically Significant Disturbance: On Theorists Who Theorize Theory of Mind" and being so tired & wordless lately. I have been a painfully honest person performing a preformed lie. Obsessed with accuracy in every other area of life, I still found myself trying to blend in. Trying to … Continue reading Preformed Performing


I'll do it tomorrow, I always think. There's plenty of time.  But tomorrow never comes and the time slips away. Suddenly it's been two weeks and I've nothing tangible to show for it. Nothing visible, nothing that seems important. But I have done things. I finished reading No You Don't: Essays from an Unstrange Mind, … Continue reading Tomorrow