Mismatched Dishes

I eat from mismatched dishes. They're my favorite kind. Lonely, without the rest of their set, they wait. I find them on shelves and tables at thrift or charity shops, at church rummage sales, and at yard sales. I bring them home and they become part of my very unique and awesome set of dishes. … Continue reading Mismatched Dishes



I'll do it tomorrow, I always think. There's plenty of time.  But tomorrow never comes and the time slips away. Suddenly it's been two weeks and I've nothing tangible to show for it. Nothing visible, nothing that seems important. But I have done things. I finished reading No You Don't: Essays from an Unstrange Mind, … Continue reading Tomorrow

But You’re High Functioning

There are so many posts and articles written by Autistics about how utterly wrong "functioning labels" are. How inaccurate. Why we generally don't like them. Responding with a functioning label-based observation is such a pervasive response from allistics (non-Autistics) that I think nearly every Autistic writer ends up addressing that nonsense sooner or later. I … Continue reading But You’re High Functioning