Accuracy in Questions and Answers

Disclaimer: When you've met one allistic (non-autistic), you've met one allistic! The communication quirks and difficulties my allistic counterpart presents may be totally different than the communication quirks and difficulties another allistic counterpart may present. My allistic counterpart and I recently unearthed another communication issue in our marriage. When I ask a question it's because … Continue reading Accuracy in Questions and Answers


My Allistic Counterpart

Finally I've settled on something to call my husband on this blog. He's my counterpart. Not only is that term accurate it also calls to my mind Star Wars' C-3P0 and R2-D2 which is a huge bonus in my opinion ‚̧ Anyhow! I've been married to a non-autistic (allistic) man pretty much for my entire … Continue reading My Allistic Counterpart

Time, Processing, and Transitions

Unexpected events are largely unavoidable. Things happen, stuff comes up, plans change. I understand that. I also live with small unpredictable people, which adds another dimension to unexpectedness. I also recently learned of some insecurities on the part of my allistic (non-Autistic)¬†husband that feed into many of the unexpected event-related difficulties in our marriage. More … Continue reading Time, Processing, and Transitions