Preformed Performing

Reflections on my life and activism after re-reading "Clinically Significant Disturbance: On Theorists Who Theorize Theory of Mind" and being so tired & wordless lately. I have been a painfully honest person performing a preformed lie. Obsessed with accuracy in every other area of life, I still found myself trying to blend in. Trying to … Continue reading Preformed Performing


Mismatched Dishes

I eat from mismatched dishes. They're my favorite kind. Lonely, without the rest of their set, they wait. I find them on shelves and tables at thrift or charity shops, at church rummage sales, and at yard sales. I bring them home and they become part of my very unique and awesome set of dishes. … Continue reading Mismatched Dishes

Number 100

This is a first for me. I've never written a blog this personal and I've certainly never written 100 posts on a blog before. My previous attempts at blogging, without knowing I was Autistic or perhaps suspecting but not really having that acceptance or understanding yet, all fell apart very quickly. It's impossible to write … Continue reading Number 100

Navigating a Minefield vs Strolling Through the Woods

It occurred to me, after writing my previous post about autistic friends, that I might have made all autistic friendships seem overly simple and easy to navigate. In reality, of course, there are still potential missteps when being friends with and conversing with other autistics - even good long-term autistic friends. We're human and certainly … Continue reading Navigating a Minefield vs Strolling Through the Woods