Flashback Friday – Plush Animals in Public

I've already written about how I lost my Pound Puppy (named Pound Puppy) as a teen and replaced him with another stuffed dog last year. Today, as I've recently been contemplating carrying my new stuffed dog to stressful dentist appointments, some memories of past public carrying have surfaced and are ready to be written about. … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Plush Animals in Public


Flashback Friday – Prophesy at my Summer Job

My 19th summer was spent working at a camp. Groups paid to come and use the campground and the camp provided food. I helped out with various things for very little pay because room and board was part of my pay. There were a few really amazing things about that summer and a lot of … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Prophesy at my Summer Job

Flashback Friday – Depression

TW: depression, eating disorder, self-harm, sexual assault (very brief mention), and suicidal thoughts/actions. CW: Higher education, therapy. My first official psychological diagnosis was Major Depression nearly 15 years ago. I was in college and, although I'd been extremely excited about attending college at first, my experience had rapidly gone downhill ever since I'd first arrived … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Depression