Becoming Me – Part 1

CW: Self-medication, suicidal thoughts (nothing specific about either), depression Where to even start? I've written an entire novelized version of everything, but, oh my goodness, this year deserves a summary and a post. This year, I've become a real human. I'm no longer a wannabe emotionless robot. I'm human with all the joys, sorrows, successes, … Continue reading Becoming Me – Part 1


Autism and Disability

While taking a break from writing about that horrid autism parent meeting, I realized the other day that it took me until my 99th blog post here to use the word "disabled" or "disability" - so that's been on my mind and there's clearly some stuff to unpack there.. To begin with, I'm not one … Continue reading Autism and Disability

Autistic Parenting

I've found that being Autistic has greatly influenced my parenting style and I'd like to delve a bit more into that topic. Many Autistic adultsĀ are parents. In fact, most of the Autistic adults I know, especially in person, are mothers. Interestingly enough, those whom I know have tended to gravitate towards gentle parenting styles and … Continue reading Autistic Parenting