Autistic Parenting

I've found that being Autistic has greatly influenced my parenting style and I'd like to delve a bit more into that topic. Many Autistic adults are parents. In fact, most of the Autistic adults I know, especially in person, are mothers. Interestingly enough, those whom I know have tended to gravitate towards gentle parenting styles and … Continue reading Autistic Parenting

Body Language – When the Knowledge Doesn’t Transfer

Sometimes I say, rather hyperbolically, that I didn't know about non-verbal communication until I was nearly 29 years old. It's a nice sound-bite, but like most nice sound-bites, it's not strictly true. I did know about some types of non-verbal communication before then. I knew that shrugging meant "I don't know." I knew that nodding meant … Continue reading Body Language – When the Knowledge Doesn’t Transfer

Flashback Friday – Imaginary Children

As a child I'd always gotten along extremely well with children who were much younger than I was and based largely on those experiences, I've pretty much always wanted to have children of my own. In fact, my longest-lasting childhood imaginary friends were my imaginary children. I had dozens of imaginary children from about the time I was … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Imaginary Children

One Person’s Twaddle is Another Person’s Roadmap

I grew up primarily reading classic literature. As someone who was hyperlexic and reading books at the age of 2 years old, I had many years during which to indulge my love of reading and my parents made certain that I primarily had older, quality representations of literature available to me. Unfortunately, my obsessive rereading of … Continue reading One Person’s Twaddle is Another Person’s Roadmap